We are excited to announce the latest edition of Eversweet Apiaries' “2017 Beekeeping Guide”! This new edition has new chapters! This free guide is a valuable source for beekeeping info in the West Virginia tri-state area. Many topics can be applied to other regions as well. Click here to download. Enjoy!

Keeping detailed information regarding your inspections is an important practice in beekeeping. Information such as inspection date and time, weather & hive conditions, etc. will prove useful later not only for yourself but also for a mentor who might be assisting you.

We have prepared a form which we use in our yards. It can be downloaded by clicking here or create one that suits your inspection needs.

June 1, 2014 - Congratulations to one of our own Herb Everhart, Co-owner of Eversweet Apiaries, for winning the 2014 Bayer Bee Care Community Leadership Award! This national award recognizes a beekeeper whose efforts involving the honey bee has improved & benefited the community.

This Community Leadership Award is an excellent recognition for Herb's continual community efforts in bee education! Herb & Eversweet Apiaries has been actively involved in helping beekeepers for over 10 years. Herb has spent countless hours providing one-on-one bee education to individuals throughout the regions of West Virginia, Maryland, D.C., Virginia, & Pennsylvania.

In addition to providing free bee education, Herb & Eversweet Apiaries, has donated beekeeping equipment to many organizations & programs such as the Youth Program of the West Virginia Eastern Panhandle Beekeepers Association.

Herb also was instrumental in forming the Frank W. Buckles Veteran Beekeepers Association. This program is a two year course and is designed to educate veterans in all aspects of beekeeping; from establishing hives to marketing their products. In addition, Eversweet Apiaries donates one complete hive including bees to each of the veteran members.

Herb will be presented this great reward at Bayer's Congressional reception & National Pollinator Week at the U.S. Botanic Gardens in Washington, D.C. Along with the esteemed title he will be rewarded $5,000 to aid in further enhancing Eversweet Apiaries' community beekeeping programs & education.

Stay tuned for more exciting news & events to come! Congratulations again Herb for winning this well-deserved award!

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