Honey Varieties Poster

Honey starts off as nectar. Honeybees gather nectar from different plant species & will continue to forage on the same plant species with the highest sugar values until the bloom season ends for that plant. Monofloral honeys are mostly derived from the nectar of one plant species. Polyfloral honey is derived from many plant sources.

To help separate honey varieties, beekeepers place empty combs in the hives for honeybees to store honey according to plants’ bloom times for their region. They remove the honey filled comb before the next bloom time of another plant.

There are more than 300 different types of honey in the United States. The flavor & color of honey depends on the floral sources’ nectar which contains varying amounts of fructose, glucose, amino & organic acids. Honey color & flavor of one variety can differ from region to region due to different climate & soil conditions. The colors of honey can range from nearly colorless water-white to very dark amber.

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Honey Varieties Poster
18" x 24", Semi-gloss

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